Fred Salvucci on MBTA finances

Boston Globe: "Massport should help solve T mess" "Forward Funding dumped billions of dollars of state debt on to the MBTA, and assumed without reason that growing costs of service expansion into lower-density suburbs could be supported on a tax base that is static. Twelve years later, this dramatic change of state policy has eroded the financial stability of the MBTA,…

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New Somerville transportation working group

Boston Globe: "Panel to examine Somerville transportation systems" The 13-member Transportation Research, Innovation and Planning group includes current elected officials, police, community groups, and consultants, and will have a broad mandate to recommend improvements to pedestrian patterns, vehicular traffic, bicycle safety, and parking systems, among other areas.

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MBTA proposes 23% fare hike, no Somerville service cuts

Boston Globe: "MBTA unveils 23 percent fare hike; limited service cuts also proposed" "I can't emphasize enough this is a one-year solution. And all things being the same, we will be back in the same position a year from now, looking at service cuts and potentially more fare increases," Secretary of Transportation Richard A. Davey said. MBTA press release Map of…

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Somerville fights back against proposed MBTA cuts

Boston Globe: "MBTA hearing on cuts draws rowdy, heartfelt crowd in Somerville" "The MBTA is a lifeline, and what the MBTA wants to do would devastate the community," said Ronald Leaks, a community organizer for Groundwork Somerville. Somerville Patch: "Residents Express Anger, Offer Solutions to MBTA Officials" At the rally was Representative Carl Sciortino, who told Patch, "The current proposals are…

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Important hearing Tuesday on MBTA fare increases and service cuts

The MBTA needs to hear from you about how the proposed fare increases and service cuts will affect you and your family as well as what you want them to do to address the transportation financial crisis. Please attend the Public Hearing on February 28 at 6 PM at Somerville High School. Before the hearing join the rally in front of the High School at 5:30 PM.


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Somerville Scout on Occupy protests

"Occupy Somerville protests potential MBTA cuts and fair hikes" "The bitter debate over fare hikes and service cuts has given new and focused momentum to the Occupy movement, which has been criticized for lacking a specific agenda. In addition to talking to riders, Occupy members have been posting fliers at Somerville bus stops warning that services may be cut, further encouraging…

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Boston Globe on MBTA protest

"Cuts protested at State House" "It was easy for [state lawmakers] to drop the Big Dig debt on the backs of the T and its riders, so they really need to consider how important of a service this is for our region and for the state as a whole," Matsueda said before leading the group in a march to the hearing.…

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