Transportation board talks Green Line cuts, community pushes back

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“Transit Activists, Unions Mince No Words As T’s Control Board Weighs Next Moves” (WGBH)

“In response to ballooning costs of the long-anticipated Green Line Extension project, the FMCB began considering starkly reduced iterations of that project, potentially cutting whole neighborhoods (Union Square, for one) out of the picture and reconsidering the long-anticipated extension of a community path in Somerville. With decisions expected as soon as a month from now, citizens and interest groups fighting for those projects, and those jobs, are making their cases with increasing urgency and, in some cases, diminishing patience….

Several people spoke on behalf of the beleaguered Community Path extension, which the Control Board has begun to scrutinize as potentially exceeding expected costs, Friends of the Community Path co-president Lynn Weissman noted that the path, which her group thinks can be built for less than $20 million, ‘is probably less than the cost of a lot of parking garages that have been built as a part of transit projects.'”