Green Line

Support for the Green Line extension is spreading fast

Check out the following excellent editorials, the first of which is from former State Transportation Secretary James Aloisi.

CommonWealth Magazine: “Stay the course on Green Line Ext.”

“Support for the Green Line Extension is support for a 21st century mobility platform, for cleaner air, for a more robust regional economy.  Those of us who support it need to join together to support completion of this project – but not completion at any cost.  Completion must come after hitting the restart button, re-assessing the wisdom of the current approach to building the project, and putting in place public and private sector project managers who will get the job done in a fiscally responsible way.”

Boston Globe: “Green Line extension shouldn’t stop short”

“Baker’s administration has been appropriately aggressive in seeking savings in T projects, and eager to prove the agency doesn’t need more money to thrive. But the administration’s no-new-spending line shouldn’t turn into an unthinking dogma. It’s in the strong interests of the Commonwealth to finish the Green Line extension; jettisoning investment in infrastructure might be politically safe in the near term, but the public ultimately pays a price. Baker’s job is to make the extension happen. The train should be as cheap as possible, but it needs to arrive.”

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