State might fork over additional money for GLX maintenance facility

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“Transpo Chief Open to New State $$ for GLX Repair Facility” (State House News Service)

Pollack said it’s a “possibility” that the planned facility near the current Lechmere Station would work better for system-wide Green Line repair infrastructure. A consultant’s December report to the control board said the vehicle maintenance facility, with room to store 80 cars, was about 11 percent of the construction cost and presented opportunities for cost savings.

“Let’s be clear at what’s in the GLX budget that’s really for GLX and if it’s not that doesn’t mean we don’t do it,” Pollack said. Pollack said a “certain amount of maintenance” is needed for the Green Line Extension to operate, and said, “I think it’s a distinction between the board investing state-of-good-repair dollars, which the control board has been 100 percent behind, and making sure that in the Green Line project we are not shifting costs from state-of-good-repair onto a project that we are then asking the community of Somerville and other communities to help pay for.”