Medford Transcript: Green Line City Council meeting

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“Green Line has public seeing red”

Quotes from the article…
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Although the particulars of the project are still up in the air, the members of the state delegation wanted to let the council, as well as the public, know it is moving forward.
[Rep. Carl] Sciortino said there is still a lot of work that needs to be done before this project gets off the ground, but it is a great opportunity to look at how the city can improve its public transit system. He said right now the state Department of Environmental Protection is looking over the project and if it’s approved, plans will be sent to the federal Environmental Protection Agency for review.
Sciortino said once the project goes through those channels, planning can really get started.
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[Rep. Paul J.] Donato said he, like Sciortino and Jehlen, is concerned about what type of effect this project will have on the West Medford area. He said all are in agreement that this project could have tremendous results, but only if the extension doesn’t go any further than Route 16.
Donato said if the extension went through West Medford, he believes the effects to the area would be detrimental.