“Green Line Lament”

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by Asher Miller
Every morning
I see this view:
The John Hancock
And the Pru
The Town of Bean
Saying, “Nuts to you!”
It hurts so much,
It can’t be true.

We are so close,
And yet so far!
We are here, and Boston’s there
But we can’t get there from Union Square.
The only way to get to thee
Is with tar and asphalt
And velocopede.
And van and car
And foot and truck.
As for light rail,
We’re out of luck.
It’s not enough, I say
Somerville is in the urban core, today
And yesterday
And the day before
And ten years back
And a hundred more.
But mass-transit is for other towns
Cambridge, Quincy, and Suffolk Downs
Onto trains and to the city
Whisked there by electricity.
But not for us, ’tis a bitter pill
No light rail for Somerville.
Lo! Here you are, today
After much delay and years of pain
Finally asking, “Would you like a train?”
Do we want it?
Yes we do!
We do, we do, I’m telling you!
Why stop at one? Heck, build two!
Or more!
After all, we’re in the urban core
Please build this thing,
This Line of Green
To get us to the Town of Bean.