Green Line

Green Line hits a bump as contract is put on hold

MassDOT withdrew its request for a $24 million contract amendment for the VHB project team to continue Green Line Extension project work after it became immediately clear that there was little Board support for the requested action. This happened because the Board wasn’t given adequate information before last month’s meeting – for example, regarding project subcontractors, including Parsons Brinkerhoff, and also how an initial $2 million bid award has evolved into $12 million or so of work so far, verging on $36 million if the $24 million had been voted.
MassDOT will prepare a new bid package. The silver lining is that this delay might enable a better focus on station and station area design.
MGNA: “MassDOT will seek bids on Green Line engineering work”
Boston Globe: “State rejects Green Line bid”

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