Green Line

Green Line extension roundup: Anxiety, anger, and hope

Boston Globe: Tough choices on Green Line project, but it isn’t derailed yet

“Even in the face of stomach-churning runaway costs, the governor is going to find a way to get the Green Line extension done. Greater Boston needs it – and he can’t risk losing nearly $1 billion of federal money for the project.” “The long, depressing history of Green Line extension cost increases”

Why is the State so bad at estimating these costs, again and again?

Boston Globe: Developers, buyers anxious about Green Line project’s future

“The Green Line extension will lead to economic growth, job creation, revenue generation as well as environmental and quality of life improvements,” a spokesman for the redevelopment team [Union Square Associates] said in a statement. “In the long run, we are confident that the project will move forward because the stakeholders share these objectives and because the cost of not proceeding is enormous.”

WGBH: “‘Oh, God. Here We Go Again. It Never Stops’ – Mike Capuano On The T Green Line Overrun”

Boston Herald: “Capuano: Must continue Green Line plans”

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