Green Line extension delayed again!

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The State is finally admitting what STEP has long feared: It will be unable to meet the 2014 deadline for the Green Line extension opening. The State is now aiming for October 2015, claiming a variety of reasons for the delay. STEP is very disappointed to hear that the State will not keep its commitment.
Boston Globe: “Long-awaited Green Line extension to Somerville, Medford delayed again”
Missing that deadline will make the project more expensive, because the state will need to come up with an air-quality-improving short-term alternative to the Green Line or face legal and community pressure.
“This is, if not our top priority, one of our top priorities in the transportation world,” he said. “It is a good project, it is a worthy project, and it’s one that we’re committed to.” – Jeffrey B. Mullan, the state’s transportation secretary and CEO
Somerville News: “Green line extension through Somerville delayed until 2015”
“[The delay] is going to be a problem for everybody,” Reisner said. “We’re not happy about this. But I don’t think it’s surprising. Things have been going much more slowly than they should have….The community is being blamed for the delay, but I think it’s the state that has been slow.” – Ellin Reisner, president of STEP.