Green Line Environmental Impact Report delayed again

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State Representative Denise Provost reports…
EOT has not proposed to amend its project completion deadline, which remains December 31, 2014. EOT is, however, pushing back an important internal project deadline, the filing of its Environmental Impact Report/ Environmental Assessment (EIR/EA). In its July, 2009 RTA amendment, EOT said it would make this filing in August, 2009 – but it did not. At a September 9, 2009 hearing at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and EOT official verbally represented that there would be a three-month delay in this filing – putting it a full year behind its originally scheduled date. DEP has responsibility to monitor the progress that EOT is making in implementing requirement of the federal Clean Air Act. Construction of the Green Line Extension is one of the Transportation Control Measures (TCMs) which Massachusetts is obliged to construct as part of its State Implementation Plan (SIP) for the Clean Air Act.