Green Line

Green Line cost overrun reporting, plus likely trimming

“FOX25 Investigates cost overruns on the MBTA Green Line extension” (FOX25)

“One of the documents that I’ve read that you’ve uncovered that is the most amazing of all was just a straight out warning that the method they were using was going to result in one bidder,” Sullivan said.

The Pioneer Institute has been studying the Green Line project. Sullivan says one bidder means no competition and no incentive to control costs.

“Chabot: Pols look to cuts to save 
Green Line extension” (Boston Herald)

MBTA General Manager Frank DePaola said an ongoing review, which will be released Dec. 9, will trim any areas where the Green Line designers may have “overindulged.”

“We’re going to look at the project itself to see if we overindulged, so to speak, in the amenities of the system, to see if there are some things we can trim out of there,” DePaola said.

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