Yard 8 neighbors speak out against Green Line maintenance facility

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Somerville Journal: “Not in My Yard 8: Neighbors against state plan to put train shed next door”
“I am very much opposed to it,” said Brickbottom artist and resident Heather Van Aelst. “The specific location will wall off Brickbottom and the Inner Belt area even more than they are now. It will do a lot of harm to the area and the economic development of the city.”
“I live only yards from the proposed structure. I am on the ground floor at level with Yard 8 that literally backs up into us” in Brickbottom, said artist Polly Pook, who has been living at Brickbottom for the past 11 years. “I have been very much in favor of the Green Line extension, but putting this facility here shows no respect for the residents.”