WBUR story on Green Line delay

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“Green Line Expansion Delays Sparks Frustration In Somerville, Medford Communities”
WBUR ran a great story about community reaction to the proposed delay, including recent discussions about a potential phased approach to building the extension. Make sure to listen to the story.
“The people of Somerville are not going to let go of this, we are committed to this.” Ellin Reisner, president of STEP
“I’m kind of reduced to spluttering at the absurdity of all the reverse, the delays and the failures that continue to plague the Green Line extension project.” Medford resident Elizabeth Baile
“What happens if we come to 2018, and 2020 and there is still inadequate progress and delays, do we roll over and extend the allowance for delays again?” Steve Kaiser, vice president of the Association of Cambridge Neighborhoods