Very bad news: State announces huge delay of Green Line extension to 2018-2020!

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Originally, the Green Line extension was supposed to open this year. Then the promise was pushed back to 2014. Then there was another delay to 2015. And now we hear the shocking, frustrating news from MassDOT that it’s looking more like 2018-2020.
In its annual status report on transit projects, MassDOT provides various probabilities for when the Green Line might be completed, complaining about project complexity and financial challenges. They claim that they are working on ways to shorten this timeframe.
Such a delay would mean that substantial interim offset projects are being considered to make up for the emission reductions that the Green Line would otherwise bring in those years.
All in all, not a good day for Somerville. Stay tuned for ways to get involved and make a difference.
Download MassDOT’s status report (PDF)