State will design entire Community Path as part of Green Line Extension

Good news on the Community Path! During Tuesday’s station design meeting about Washington St and Union Square, the Green Line Extension design team announced that they will design the entire Community Path extension all the way to NorthPoint in Cambridge. Previously, the State had committed to designing the Path only to Washington St. Keep reading for more details from Friends of the Community Path.

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Wonderful News about CPX Design!
Near the end of the Tuesday’s GLX Design Public Meeting about the Washington Street and Union Square stations, the GLX Design Team announced that they will design the entire Community Path Extension (CPX) to NorthPoint in Cambridge (where the path will continue to Lechmere) as part of the GLX — to which the crowd applauded!
Thanks so much to all of you who have written and spoken in support of the 100% Design of the CPX as part of the GLX. Our voices have been heard!
Thanks also to Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Richard Davey, the City of Somerville, GLX Senior Director of Design and Construction Mary Ainsley, and all the rest of the GLX Design Team.
You may remember that at the December 2012 GLX Design meeting, the GLX was not going to design the Community Path over the Fitchburg commuter rail tracks (by Brickbottom) to the NorthPoint paths. As a result of that meeting, and more collaboration with the Friends of the Community Path, the City of Somerville, and the GLX Design Team, a new plan was vetted over the last few months to design the CPX as emergency egress for the GLX as it crosses the Fitchburg tracks on a viaduct. This new design has been adopted, allowing this CPX crossing to the North Point paths to be designed as potentially life-saving emergency access along the GLX viaduct.
We are delighted to bring you this wonderful news!
In addition to this 100% design by the GLX project, other segments of the CPX will be built as part of the GLX for T-station access and emergency egress (at Gilman Square and Washington Street stations). The Friends of the Community Path will continue to work with the City of Somerville and the GLX Design Team on our mission of getting the CPX fully built as part of the GLX.
Again, thanks for your support!
Lynn Weissman and Alan Moore