State will build the full Community Path with the Green Line Extension!

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Community Path map
MassDOT Secretary and CEO Richard A. Davey today announced that as part of the Green Line Extension, the state will both design AND construct the multi-modal Community Path to be built along the GLX in Somerville and Cambridge.
The 1.9-mile path will connect four GLX Stations: Lowell Street, Gilman Square, Washington Street, and the relocated Lechmere. Davey shared the good news in Somerville today alongside Mayor Joseph Curtatone, MBTA General Manager Dr. Beverly Scott, members of the legislature, Somerville aldermen, community members, and activists.
Kudos to our friends at Friends of the Community Path for pushing to make this happen! “State to Build $39m Bike, Pedestrian Path Between Somerville, Boston”
“This project is about much more than biking and walking – it’s about building a community and a region that is equitable, connected and vibrant,” Somerville Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone said in a statement. “When we create connections between neighborhoods and communities, economic health follows as our squares thrive, local businesses get busier and a resilient, self-sufficient economic base is built for our city and the region. That is the connectivity and vibrancy that will also help us bring back our historic neighborhoods in Somerville like Brickbottom and Inner Belt.”
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