State selects new location for Green Line maintenance facility

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Today MassDOT announced that it is supporting Option L as the location for the much-debated maintenance facility, happily changing its mind from the Yard 8 location it previously supported. STEP applauds this decision for many reasons, including creating a more livable environment for Brickbottom residents as well as more opportunities for Inner Belt development.
Support Facility
“This is a momentous decision for the City of Somerville,” said Somerville Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone. “Not only does the decision about where to locate the Green Line maintenance facility ensure that the Green Line expansion into Somerville remains on its 2014 timeline, the chosen location creates the opportunity for significant redevelopment inside the city’s industrial Inner Belt. Best of all, this will help preserve the quality of life for nearby residents, notably those in the Brickbottom artist lofts.”
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Somerville Journal: “Officials pick new maintenance facility site in the Inner Belt for the Green Line extension project”
“The Green Line Extension is one of our highest-profile projects, and one that offers enormous potential transportation benefits for the communities northwest of Boston,” said MassDOT Secretary and CEO Jeffrey Mullan. “The City of Somerville, its municipal officials and local residents, are our partners in the planning process, and their participation has been and will continue to be invaluable as we move forward. The selection of Option L is an example of that partnership.”
MassDOT has also posted its “Environmental Analysis of Additional Maintenance Facilities” (PDF)
An overview map of all three options:
Support facility
Option L:
Option L support facility
Project impacts and mitigation:
Option L support facility