SIP status report published

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The Annual Report on the SIP projects has been posted online. MassDOT will be filing an “Interim Emission Offset Project” to mitigate for missing the Green Line completion deadline (as well as one for missing the Dec. 31, 2011 deadline for the Fairmount Line improvements). Keep reading for what this report says about the Green Line extension.

SIP Requirement Status
“By filing an Expanded Environmental Notification Form, soliciting proposals for a design consultant, and publishing both Draft and Final Environmental Impact Reports, MassDOT has met the first four interim milestones associated with the Green Line Extension project.
“MassDOT – which has committed greater resources to the Green Line Extension project, a top transportation priority of the Commonwealth and the largest expansion of the MBTA rapid transit system in decades – is now transitioning the project from the planning and environmental review phases to design, engineering, and eventual construction, coupled with the tasks associated with applying for New Starts funding. This transition brings MassDOT into closer partnership with the MBTA for the joint development of the Green Line Extension project; it also brings greater clarity to the overall schedule for the ultimate completion of the project.
“Given the complexity of the project and sheer length of time required for construction, MassDOT is currently estimating that the Green Line Extension project can be ready for in-service start-up by October, 2015, approximately 10 months beyond the legal deadline of December 31, 2014. This estimate requires MassDOT to accelerate certain construction elements associated with the project, and assumes no major unanticipated controversies or complications.
“In January 2011, MassDOT will submit a petition to delay the project that will meet the requirements of the 310 CMR 7.36 (4) including a proposal for the interim offset project so that the public can comment on the proposal. Based on these comments, MassDOT and the MBTA will modify the proposal, if necessary. MassDOT is confident that this timeline will provide the Department with ample opportunity to review the proposal, seek public comment and provide MassDOT with its determination. Based on this schedule, MassDOT and the MBTA will have sufficient opportunity to modify the proposal if needed and implement the proposal prior to the December 31, 2014 deadline.”
Download the report (PDF)