Report warns of potential housing cost increases with Green Line extension

  • Post category:Green Line “Report warns of rent hikes along Green Line route in Somerville”
“A report about the housing impact of extending the Green Line into Somerville is warning that rents could skyrocket by as much as 67 percent in some areas and put lower-income residents at risk of being displaced.”
Somerville Journal: “Study: GLX could jack up some rents in Somerville by up to 67 percent”
“That study confirmed concerns of many residents – that the promise of better transportation would likely drive up rents and increase the number of condos in the city, and that Somerville needs more affordable housing.”
ResiStat Somerville: “Getting ready for the Green Line: A look at housing and affordability”
“Fortunately, we haven’t waited in addressing these looming issues. The City has implemented a number of affordability initiatives and we are continually researching and developing new options. That’s why right now, community discussions on affordability are currently underway.”
See for yourself: Download the full report.