Quick links to Green Line and Community Path press coverage

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“New Green Line stations are delayed until 2021” (Boston Globe)

“John Dalton, the new project manager for the $2.3 billion extension, spoke about the new timeline at Somerville High School on Wednesday night and said the public should be confident that the T could complete the project in time. ‘There’s real momentum now,’ he said. But the project still needs to clear several hurdles, including hiring a new team to work exclusively on the project, getting the green light for a major grant from the federal government, and filling a $75 million funding gap.”

“Green Line Extension Projects 2021 Opening” (Somerville Patch)

“It was a scaling back of the Somerville Community Path, a key commuter thoroughfare for bicyclists and pedestrians, that would ultimately draw the most ire from residents….Ken Carlson, chair of the Somerville Bicycle Committee, said safety is a main concern of his group in light of recent bicyclist deaths. He cited the October Porter Square crash that killed his friend and colleague, Bernard ‘Joe’ Lavins. ‘It is going to cost lives,’ he said of the decision to not extend the path. ‘[This is] money versus lives, money versus safety.'”

“Dalton to bike proposed Green Line ext. path” (CommonWealth Magazine)

“Advocates for the community path are holding out hope. At a meeting this week with Dalton, they came away with a pledge from him to join them in riding the route of the proposed path sometime in January. They said Dalton will learn first-hand how penny-wise and pound-foolish it would be to leave the path unfinished, a message dozens of them delivered at the Thursday meeting.”

MBTA Green Line Extension Now Expected To Open In 2021 (WBUR)

“Massachusetts U.S. Rep. Mike Capuano: ‘I’ve never been concerned about the specific date a station opens as long as the project moves forward, and right now, I feel pretty comfortable that it is. I said right from the day they announced it, it was never going to make the dates they said…. Most people that are engaged in this project are aware that the timing is secondary, and the most important thing is to get the project built.'”