Put your creative design/planning skills to work on the long-awaited Green Line extension!

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The Green Line Community Corridor Planning Project of Somerville is seeking:

  • Urban Designers
  • Land Use Planners
  • Transportation Planners
  • Landscape Architects

to work on design teams with community members this spring to develop sustainable, attractive, easy-to-access light rail stations and station area designs for the new stations on the Green Line extension through Cambridge, Somerville and Medford. Workshop dates to be announced.
We seek volunteers from the professional design and planning communities to participate with community residents in station area design workshops for the Union Square, Washington Street/Brickbottom, Gilman Square, Lowell Street, Ball Square, College Avenue, and Route 16 stations.

Professionals will provide creative design and strategic input; community residents will provide critical local knowledge and vision. The Community Corridor Project will provide maps, schematics, art materials, flip charts, easels and a coordinating professional urban designer.
Participants will select and use baseline data and schematic designs to work on specific stations in an iterative process to develop concepts, alternatives, and refined designs by collaboratively developing a plan for each station area that addresses urban design, land use, multi-modal access, and connectivity.
If you are interested in lending your expertise and participating in station area design workshops this spring, contact Ellin Reisner at reisnere51@gmail.com or 617-776-1987 or Wig Zamore at wigzamore@rcn.com or 617-625-5630. Let us know if you have a preference for working on a particular station area.
The Community Corridor Project will work with volunteers to select and collect Baseline Reference Materials, Information and Maps to be made available to the station area design teams. A partial list of background materials that may be helpful to some is linked below.
Workshop invitation
Partial list of Somerville data and maps for workshops