Noise and retaining walls coming along with Green Line

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Green Line extension noise wall
Somerville Journal: “New noise barriers coming for train tracks in Somerville”
“Because the existing commuter rail must be moved over to make room for the Green Line tracks, workers will have to cut into the dirt slopes on either side, necessitating retaining walls, said Mike McBride, a senior program manager for the Green Line Extension project at contractor HDR….New sound barriers will also be needed along the path of the Green Line Extension through Union Square, said Jason Ross of sound firm HMMH, in most cases because the commuter rail will be passing closer to some homes, causing a few extra decibels of noise in what is now a 60-65 decibel zone.”
Somerville Times: “Noise and retaining walls subject of Green Line Extension meeting”
Download the slides from the Jan 8 public meeting.