New Green Line plan gets support from key federal official

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Good news: the Federal Transit Administration’s regional administrator has expressed support for the scaled-down version of the Green Line Extension that the state has tentatively approved. This is critical, since the project won’t move forward without FTA approval and the $1 billion in federal funds previously promised.

“Key federal official supports redesigned Green Line project” (Boston Globe)

“Mary Beth Mello, the Federal Transit Administration’s regional administrator, also said that the federal government needs to thoroughly evaluate the details of the plan before it can give the official green light….The FTA ‘must have every confidence the MBTA can deliver the entire scope of the redesigned GLX within the specified budget and schedule,’ Mello wrote.”

Read the full letter.

“Federal Transit Official Offers Boost To Redesigned Green Line Extension” (WBUR)

“Though the words of support from the FTA are preliminary, Mello in her letter dated May 20 said she ‘commend[s] the [interim project management team] for its diligence and extraordinary efforts to revive the Green Line Extension in the face of your fiscal challenges. We look forward to working with you to see the GLX through to completion.'”