More coverage of inadequate transportation funding plan, including potential veto

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Boston Globe: “Legislative transportation plan puts Green Line grant at risk, MBTA says”
“State House News Service reported that Patrick administration officials were warning that the legislative plan would eventually force ‘steep’ fare and toll hikes as well as force the state to pick up a larger share of the Green Line project.”
Somerville Patch: “MBTA: Federal Funding for Green Line at Risk Under Recent Proposal”
“Curtatone said transportation funding in Massachusetts is bigger than the Green Line Extension. The state needs a transportation system that ‘makes us globally competitive’ he said, adding, ‘We need to fix the problems now; we can’t kick the can down the road.’
In regard to Tuesday’s $500 million plan, the mayor said he has ‘strong concerns whether this number actually solves the problem.'”
WBUR: “Gov. Patrick Threatens Veto Of Transportation Plan”
“Above all, the middle class of Massachusetts need better jobs and a stronger economy and needs it sooner rather than later,” Patrick said. “My proposal provides that. The leaders’ does not. The leadership’s proposal is a return to an old way of doing business. It’s the same short-term fiscal shell game that got us unto the Big Dig and the mess that followed.”