Media coverage of Gov. Patrick’s attempted Green Line delay

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Boston Globe: “Proponents rap delay to extend Green Line”
Boston Metro: “‘Not acceptable’: Somerville, Medford commuters ‘furious’ at likely Green Line extension delay”
Boston Now: “Green Line plan draws ire”
Somerville Journal: “Somerville Green Line extension plans pushed back again”
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Excerpts from the Boston Globe…
Supporters of the long-delayed Green Line extension into Somerville and Medford said yesterday that they are frustrated that state officials plan to postpone the project another two years to seek federal funding, despite a November court settlement in which they agreed to complete the extension of the rail line by 2014.
But Governor Deval Patrick and other officials contend the money taxpayers could save, roughly $300 million, is worth the wait.
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“The need for this project is absolutely clear, and its feasibility is also beyond dispute,” said Philip Warburg, the [Conservation Law Foundation’s] president. “The only obstacle now is the lack of good faith delivery on the Commonwealth’s part.”
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“The administration is taking the steps necessary to fulfill the commitments that were made in the closing days of the prior administration,” [Cyndi Roy, a Patrick spokeswoman] said. “We see the value in the project, but we also see the value in not saddling the taxpayer with an additional $300 million.”
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“Every day that goes by, every month and every year, people in this area are still burdened by this bad air quality, which is only going to continue to get worse,” said Ken Krause, of the Medford Green Line Neighborhood Alliance. “We don’t want to pit one project against another, but this is one that’s been on the books for 17 years and one that the state committed to do.”
Excerpts from the Boston Metro…
Transportation advocates in Medford and Somerville were in a rage yesterday after hearing the news the Green Line extension to their communities — which was promised more than 17 years ago by the state — will likely be delayed until 2016.
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“We are furious,” said Ellin Reisner, member of the Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership. “We’ve been very patient up until now and it’s not acceptable.”
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The project, under state mandate, was originally supposed to be completed in 2011. Last year, the state was brought to court by the environmental group, the Conservation Law Foundation, because of the repeated delays. The Romney administration at the time promised a 2014 deadline under court order. CLF said yesterday they would consider future court action if these patterns of delay persist.
“Not only does the commonwealth have a legal obligation to stop its backpedaling on the Green Line Extension, it has a moral duty to reduce air pollution, spur economic development and expand transit equity for these long under-served communities,” said CLF president Phil Warburg, in a statement.
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Federal assistance requires additional environmental reviews, which takes time. In addition, advocates are wondering what happens to the project if federal monies aren’t approved.
Excerpts from the Boston Now…
Somerville Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone is vowing legal action against the state if it tries to change tracks on a 17-year-old promise to extend light rail service to his city.
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The state made a legally binding agreement to finish the project by 2014, and “We’re going to hold their feet to the fire,” he said.