Green Line Extension phase 2 opens late summer

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“Green Line Extension to Medford was set to start service in December, then May, then this summer. Now? ‘Tracking for late summer,’ T says.” (Boston Globe)

Slated to start carrying passengers in December, then May, then this summer, the branch and its five new stations are now scheduled to open for business in “late summer,” said MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo via e-mail….

Laurel Ruma is a Green Line Extension citizen representative charged with communicating with the communities around the Medford branch’s northern stops and the MBTA about the project. She said people are anxious to see the stations open after enduring years of construction in their backyards.

“Whether it’s late summer or early fall, we know it’s within sight,” she said. “You can see the stations are built, bike racks are in, it looks like a train station right now.”

Ruma calls the College Avenue Station the “temporary terminus” of the Green Line Extension and is urging the MBTA to conduct an environmental review of extending the line to Route 16, the Mystic Valley Parkway.

“It’s ripe for having a walk-up train station,” she said. “Our argument as community advocates is that there is money available for an environmental review.”