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The Green Line lives!

It was a meeting that began with passionate comments from the public and elected officials. And hours later, it ended with the right decision.

The state transportation board and the MBTA’s fiscal control board have voted unanimously to move forward with the scaled-back plan for the Green Line Extension and Community Path.

This decision is not a guarantee. There are conditions, and the project could still be canceled down the road. But for today, this is great news.

Here’s what happens next:

  • The scaled-back plan needs to go to the Federal Transit Administration for review, to ensure the state doesn’t lose that $1 billion in federal funds.
  • Even with the scaled-back plan, there is still a funding gap to address. Finance plans are needed.
  • The MBTA needs to build a real team to run this project. They estimate this could take 18 months.
  • If the boards aren’t happy with how these things are going, the Green Line could still get canceled.

If everything does work out, construction would then take 43-47 months. All previous completion dates are obsolete.

Today, the Green Line lives!

Keep reading for the text of the motion, drafted by FMCB chair Joseph Aliello, that was passed by both boards.

The Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the Fiscal and Management Control Board of the MBTA support advancing the Green Line Extension project and seeking FTA review and approval of the redesigned GLX project, and herby authorize and direct MassDOT and MBTA staff, and the Interim Project Management Team to take the following steps:

1. Submit the proposed GLX project redesign, revised GLX project cost estimate, proposed procurement and project delivery method, program management plan and revised project schedule to FTA.

2. Continue the preparation of the revised GLX project finance plan for review by the MassDOT board and FMCB prior to submission to the FTA.

3. Report to this board at the end of May’s meeting on the following:

a. The strategy, progress and schedule for hiring and structuring a management team in accordance with the management plan that was outlined today

b. Recommendations for advancing initial elements of the project while the FTA process and management and hiring strategy are being pursued (low-cost critical path items)

c. Recommendations for new gating items by which staff will report back to these boards for future consideration and direction