Green Line analysis continues, more delays likely

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Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack presented an update on the Green Line extension to the state transportation board today, and the news was decidedly mixed. The MBTA has hired four firms to help explore how the estimates have skyrocketed and, importantly, what to do next.

But all of this work will likely translate into more delays. Some upcoming major phases of construction won’t likely begin until this is resolved.

The next big milestone is December 9. That’s the date MassDOT will deliver a report to the Governor and MassDOT Board that will include any cost estimate updates as well as plans for where the project might go from here.

Download the presentation to see the details.

Boston Globe: “Green Line extension likely to be pushed back again”

“Officials do not yet have an estimate for when the extension could be complete, but top state transportation officials acknowledged that the project is unlikely to meet its latest timeline, which pegged some of the stations opening by 2017.”