Funding for Route 16 station in jeopardy

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Act Now!

The Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is strongly considering dropping the Green Line stations at Route 16 from the next Long-Range Transportation Plan, which would essentially be its death knell. (The MPO is the agency that determines which transportation projects are chosen to be completed – and, importantly, which are eligible for federal funds and some state funds – in the 101 cities and towns that make up the Boston Region.) Under the current Long-Range Plan, Phase II of the Green Line extension from College Avenue to Route 16 is included, with $185 million allocated for the 2016-2020 time period from the “Highway Discretionary and Major Infrastructure Funding” account. But now the MPO is considering eliminating this funding allocation.
We urge supporters of the Green Line extension to Route 16 to register their support to the MPO and to their local elected officials ASAP. You can give feedback via this web form or via email to Tell the Boston MPO that you support Investment Strategy No. 1 (“Current Approach”), which is the only one that retains Phase II/Route 16 of the Green Line extension in the Long-Range Plan.