Green Line

Two big transit projects had a $1 billion price increase. But only the Green Line was put on hold.

When the Green Line Extension estimate suddenly rose by $1 billion, the State immediately put the project on hold, seriously considered canceling it, and then greatly simplified it. But when another project, South Coast rail, not legally required, suddenly saw a $1 billion price increase, guess what? The State simply assured the public they would still complete this project, no problem.

This contradiction hardly seems fair to the Green Line.

“What South Coast rail has – and doesn’t have – in common with the Green Line extension” (

“Two long-awaited rail projects in different parts of the state saw their projected budgets increase by $1 billion or more inside the last year. But the state’s reaction to each has been very¬†different.

The Green Line extension is projected to carry about¬†49,000 rides per day, according to state projections. South Coast rail is projected to create about 9,000.”

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