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August 21, 2008

Assembly Square Orange Line stop gets State and Federal attention

Mary Peters at Assembly Square

Yesterday U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters joined Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Bernard Cohen in pledging to build an important new Orange Line stop at Assembly Square. Developer Federal Realty is chipping in $15 million and the State is seeking $25 million more.

"The fact that the federal transportation secretary came here and said this is a project they are behind is a positive sign,” said STEP's Wig Zamore.

Somerville Journal: "Federal officials bring hope to Somerville's Orange Line project"

Boston Metro: "Somerville plans new T stop"

February 02, 2008

Maps of Assembly Square T stop

Assembly Square map

At a recent community meeting, Federal Realty Investment Trust, the developer of Assembly Square, presented designs for many future Assembly Square features, including a new Orange line MBTA station. Funding is available for the station, which could be open as soon as 2013. Click for larger maps.

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October 12, 2007

Work can begin on Assembly Square T stop

City of Somerville press release: "Start-up Work for Assembly Sq. MBTA Station Gets Green Light From Feds"
FTA Designates Assembly Square Transit Station as Eligible to Apply Directly for Federal Funding; “Exempt” Status Expedites Preliminary Engineering, Environmental Work for New Orange Line Stop

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October 09, 2007

Progress on Assembly Square T stop funding

The Federal Transit Administration has given the project a special exempt status that translates into a shortened regulatory process and access to $25 million in federal funds. Good news for better transportation at Assembly Square.

Boston Herald: "Feds give go-ahead to Assembly Square T stop"

August 31, 2007

Somerville News: Assembly Square T stop slowdown

"Assembly Square T stop plans fall off the fast tracks"
“I'm disappointed because coming on the heels of the Green Line, this is a double whammy,” said Alderman-at-Large Jack Connolly. “We have worked so hard to try and make this happen. Any further delays are just a slap in the face.”

August 30, 2007

STEP Op Ed: Somerville will be Green, Assembly Square will be Orange, but sooner is better than later and we sure could use your help

Act Now!

As you may have heard we have hit a few bumps in the road with the Green Line and the Orange Line. Our Governor and his Executive Office of Transportation have suddenly suggested that the Federal government “might pick up” half the tab for the Green Line, with the possibility of an additional two year delay. And it is unclear how the Assembly Square Orange Line T-stop will be Federally reviewed, though the money is available, or if there is the will to open it before 2013.

But we can get over these potholes with a concerted effort at critical meetings in Somerville and Boston, next Tuesday and Thursday, September 4th and 6th. The first meeting will focus on Assembly Square (IKEA and Assembly Square Drive), the second will take up the State Implementation Plan transit commitments (including Green Line progress). The only hitch is, we need help again from everyone willing to pitch in. No experience required, just a little heart.

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August 23, 2007

Boston Herald: Assembly Square T stop hits a bump

Frustrating news comes in bunches: The new Orange Line stop is no longer on the fast track.

"Feds slam brakes on Assembly Square"

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October 17, 2006

Assembly Square settlement means progress on Orange Line stop

IKEA, developer Federal Realty Investment Trust, and the Mystic View Task Force signed an agreement aimed at creating a transit-oriented, mixed-use development in and around Assembly Square. Federal Realty and IKEA promised $15 million towards an Orange Line stop. In addition, $25 million from the federal government has already been earmarked for the station, which is expected to cost $40 million.

Boston Globe: "Pact could end row over project near Assembly Square"
Somerville Journal: "'Finally,' agreement over Assembly Square"

September 12, 2006

Boston MPO updates transportation plans

The revised 2007–2010 Transportation Improvement Program and Air Quality Conformity Determination (TIP) has been endorsed by the Boston MPO and still awaits federal approval. The Green Line extension is in the TIP as a recommended medium-priority project, but awaits action by the DEP on the revised SIP commitments. Also in the TIP is a large $25 million earmark for an Orange Line stop at Assembly Square, with the first $5 million (for planning and engineering) moved into FY 2007. (These funds will not be "real" until the State and Federal government agree that the project makes sense.) The TIP also provides funds for the design of a relocated Lechmere station.
Download the TIP.

April 27, 2006

Potential Assembly Square T stop moving?

Assembly Square map

A potential land swap at Assembly Square between Ikea and Federal Realty has many repercussions, including a shift of where a future Orange Line stop might be located. There could also be a new supermarket next to the T stop, as the map shows.

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August 05, 2005

Boston Globe: $25M for Assembly Square stop

"T station plan may end fight over mall"
$25m in bill could boost development at Assembly Square

Twenty-five million dollars set aside for a new MBTA Orange Line station at Assembly Square in Somerville, tucked into the latest transportation funding bill in Washington, could resolve one of Massachusetts' longest-running development battles.

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