Green Line

House Speaker hopeful about Green Line Extension

“DeLeo hopeful state won’t ‘completely abandon’ GLX project” (State House News Service)

“I think we’re probably going to see some type of compromise. I don’t think we can abandon the project altogether,” DeLeo said. “On the same token, I’m not sure we can go as far as we wanted to or we would have liked because as you probably have seen there have been some issues relative to our bonding capacity right now, so I think we have to be careful about that.”

“Probably less stations,” The Winthrop Democrat said. “I mean that’s just an option. I’d rather see something rather than nothing. Now I didn’t get that from the secretary of transportation or the administration or the Senate president. I just felt that if we have some money to spend then instead of just scrapping the whole project, let’s try to see what we can keep viable and maybe some of the important stops in terms of usage, maybe we can get those done.”

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