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April 11, 2014

Spotlight on the Green Line as a sustainable project

Metro Magazine: "Sustainable Service: Planning a Green(er) Line for Boston"
"One of the largest infrastructure projects in the commonwealth and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA's) first expansion project in 25 years, the Green Line light rail service project in Boston is set to greatly improve sustainable public transit service in some of the region's most densely populated municipalities."

March 30, 2014

Take a look at the public art finalists for the Green Line

"How to make the Green Line beautiful" (Boston Globe)
"In December, with Green Line plans advancing, state Secretary of Transportation Richard Davey announced the T will again solicit art for stations, with a budget of $225,000. Artists this time won't create pieces of art but instead have a hand in designing construction features, such as fencing, tile work, and windscreens. Dozens of sculptors, painters, architects, and graphic designers applied."

Boston Globe on rents after the Green Line

"In Somerville, Green Line Extension means higher rents"
"A two-bedroom apartment near Union Square with a current market rate of $2,000, for instance, could see an increase of $265 with the Green Line station opening in 2017, according to recent projections by area planners."

March 13, 2014

Videos of riding the future Green Line

All aboard! Check out these 3D simulations (published by MassDOT) of what it will look like to ride the Green Line Extension. Each video starts at the new Lechmere station, with the first going to College Ave and the second to Union Square. Is it open yet???

March 08, 2014

Senate passes bond bill including Green Line

Yesterday the Senate passed the Transportation Bond Bill, which includes authorization of $1.3 billion in state funding for the Green Line Extension. While that's enough to cover the entire anticipated price tag of the project, the state is also submitting an application for federal New Starts funding, which might pay for over $500 million of the cost.

The bond bill doesn't mean the money exists and is a sure thing. It's more like the Green Line is now on an agreed-upon list of projects for which the state might borrow money someday. It's better to be on the list than not!

March 06, 2014

More coverage of Green Line in Obama's budget

Somerville Journal: "Feds propose $100M for GLX in Somerville"
"Somerville owes thanks to President Obama and Congressman Michael Capuano for committing in this budget to economic and environmental justice for our residents and to smart, long-term infrastructure investments that will build the 21st century transportation system we need to have a 21st century economy," Mayor Joe Curtatone said in a press release.

MassLive: "President Barack Obama's budget proposal includes $100 million for Green Line extension to Medford"

Patch: "Obama's Budget Includes $100 Million for Green Line Extension Project"

March 05, 2014

Green Line included in Obama's budget proposal

Yesterday afternoon at a meeting with MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott, community leaders and advocates learned that the Federal government will recommend the Green Line Extension project for New Starts funding, including $100 million for fiscal year 2015, starting September 1, 2014! MassDOT and the MBTA still have substantial work ahead in documenting the project and the state's long-term ability to fund its operations. GLX is the highest priority transit project in Massachusetts and extremely cost effective in delivering new ridership and environmental benefits compared with other new transit proposals here and elsewhere. "Rep. Capuano hails funding for Green Line in Obama budget proposal"
The funding has been included in the president's fiscal 2015 budget, Capuano said, calling it "an important step in securing the federal funding necessary....I strongly support this project and will continue working with state and federal officials to advance it," Capuano said in a statement. "The environmental and economic benefits of extending the Green Line are tremendous and residents are overwhelmingly in support of it."

February 26, 2014

Simulation of riding the future Green Line

What will riding the Green Line extension look like? Check out this simulation of a ride from the new Lechmere station to College Ave, as shown at a Feb 24 public meeting. Randy Henke, Director of Design for AECOM/HNTB, provides the narration.

February 13, 2014

Report warns of potential housing cost increases with Green Line extension "Report warns of rent hikes along Green Line route in Somerville"
"A report about the housing impact of extending the Green Line into Somerville is warning that rents could skyrocket by as much as 67 percent in some areas and put lower-income residents at risk of being displaced."

Somerville Journal: "Study: GLX could jack up some rents in Somerville by up to 67 percent"
"That study confirmed concerns of many residents - that the promise of better transportation would likely drive up rents and increase the number of condos in the city, and that Somerville needs more affordable housing."

ResiStat Somerville: "Getting ready for the Green Line: A look at housing and affordability"
"Fortunately, we haven’t waited in addressing these looming issues. The City has implemented a number of affordability initiatives and we are continually researching and developing new options. That's why right now, community discussions on affordability are currently underway."

See for yourself: Download the full report.


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