Green Line

Green Line Extension gets (mostly) supportive words from the Feds

“Feds have reservations about Green Line, but encourage state to move forward” (Boston Globe)

“FTA regional administrator Mary Beth Mello said the federal agency still needs a ‘good deal of clarifying information’ before signing off on the project and handing over nearly $1 billion in federal funding. ‘Your project schedule is mechanically sound, but optimistic – any delays in your schedule would most likely result in additional costs to the project,’ she wrote.

In her letter, Mello said that the proposed scope is consistent with what the FTA had agreed to fund, and the cost estimates were complete, well-documented, and conservative. But she said federal officials did not have all the information needed for a complete view of the risks associated with the project. Despite the reservations, Mello said the MBTA should continue moving forward by hiring a permanent managerial team, among other steps.”

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