Green Line

EPA approves revised SIP transit commitments

EPA has approved the revised SIP transit commitments, including the Green Line extensions to Somerville and Medford. Massachusetts DEP had adopted the new regulations in 2006 but this final approval from EPA is also a necessary and important step forward. Next, the Boston MPO must finalize and submit a revised Regional Transportation Plan.
Without the initial and continued consideration of Conservation Law Foundation for Somerville’s transit needs, the leadership of elected officials, the approval of the Boston MPO, AND overwhelming support from Somerville citizens, this simply could not have happened. In a world of environmental challenge, energy crisis, and economic strain we are incredibly fortunate to be the future beneficiaries of the only new subway stop and the only two new light rail extensions in many years. It is incumbent upon us all to make sure that we make the most of this opportunity.
Boston Metro: “Transit projects get EPA approval”

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