Green Line

Editorial: “We’ve already paid for the GLX”

By William C. Shelton

Some high-profile advocates argue that the Green Line Extension should be built because it will stimulate economic and housing development. The mayor is telling regional media and policy makers that the GLX will lead to 30,000 new Somerville jobs and 10,000 new homes. Yes, 10,000!

Indeed, increased commercial-tax-revenue and jobs are essential reasons why we need it. But the Green Line should be extended through Somerville for a more compelling reason: justice. Read more from the Somerville Times.

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  • Walter Booth

    I agree with everything Bill wrote. The GLX should be here. JUSTICE says it still should come. But my gut tells me the Union Square spur is in real danger of a crazy substitute plan or outright cancellation. Union Square GLX advocates need something to get a larger audience excited. Please consider ending the Fitchburg Commuter line at Alewife and extending the Green Line on the existing tracks out to Alewife (or at least to Porter Square). A good design with easy ride switching from the commuter rail to the new Green line could reduce potential Fitchburg Line rider complaints if this new system were adopted. A highway redesign at route 2 and 16 and increased capacity parking at Alewife could dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the Alewife area (and get north suburbanite’s buy-in to this design). This new Green Line extension would also relieve the pressure on the overcrowded Red Line. Using existing tracks and minimal stations would be a huge cost savings. What do you STEP people think?

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