Green Line

Come give the state your feedback on its Green Line recommendations

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation (EOT) is holding two public meetings to discuss the Green Line extension. This is your chance to hear what’s been happening, see the state’s preferred station locations, ask questions, and give your thoughts. There’s a meeting Monday in Medford and Wednesday in Somerville.
There is a lot of talk about how the state is going to pay for its transportation needs all around the Commonwealth. This is a time for Somerville residents to pay close attention to what is going on and to weigh in on support of the Governor’s transportation reform legislation and gas tax increase because that along with the extension of the Green Line will have a profound impact on the quality of our transportation, economic development and air quality for years to come. In December, 2007 the Executive Office of Transportation (EOT) initiated the Draft Environmental Impact Review (EIR) process for the Green Line after Governor Patrick committed to extending the Green Line by 2014 though Somerville.
Now that EOT is getting ready to release the Draft EIR it has scheduled these meetings to present their recommendations for station locations, track alignment and the location of a proposed maintenance facility. We strongly encourage you to attend one of the meetings to ask questions about what EOT has recommended for the Green Line extensions.

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