Green Line

Boston Globe dives into how the state messed up on the Green Line Extension

“Warning signs ignored on Green Line extension” (Boston Globe)

This article is a must-read.

“How did the project go so wildly off the rails? A Globe review of internal e-mails, a consultant’s analysis of the process, and interviews with key players has found that officials were so eager to finish the job quickly that they relied for months on flawed budgets instead of taking the time to better update cost estimates. The MBTA and the private company chosen to manage the project failed to heed several big warnings – beginning as early as 2013 – that pointed to ballooning costs, some of which sprouted from station designs that became more elaborate and complex as time went on. Officials failed to account for rapidly increasing labor costs as the economy improved. And the T and its consultants had little experience with a contracting method for the project that was completely new to the state.”

Come to the critical meeting on Monday!

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