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Green Line

Construction update from the Green Line team


General Information
After years of community advocacy and planning, the GLX was given an official “Notice to Proceed” in December 2017, and work is already underway with completion expected by late 2021, which is a contractual obligation by the GLX contractors. The GLX contract team is currently mobilizing at each of the six station areas, and you will begin to see work happening in April around each of these station areas (Union Square, Washington Street, Gilman Square, Lowell Street, Ball Square, and College Ave. in Medford). Preliminary work throughout the month of April will include tree removal, digging test pits, and pest control. More significant construction is expected to begin in summer 2018. Note: you may start to see some larger equipment along the rail corridor beginning in the spring; however, this does not mean that excavation or major construction is beginning at that time. Arrival of equipment is part of the pre-construction preparation.

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Green Line

Green Line contractor receives Notice to Proceed and federal money is released

The MBTA has issued the Notice to Proceed to GLX Constructors, the joint venture it selected to complete the design and build the extension to Somerville and Medford, and the first $100 million in federal funds has been released.

“Federal Funds Issued for MBTA Green Line Extension Project” (MBTA)

“The Federal Transit Administration today informed the MBTA Green Line Extension (GLX) Project Team that it has released the first $100 million installment of the total approved $1 billion in federal funding for the 4.7-mile light rail line from Cambridge to Medford, marking another milestone for the project. With federal funding in place, the MBTA issued the Notice to Proceed to GLX Design-Build team, GLX Constructors.”

“U.S. Department of Transportation to Release $100 Million in Grant Funds for Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Green Line Extension” (FTA)

“Governor Charlie Baker’s commitment to responsibly manage taxpayer dollars in the building of this project was persuasive,” said U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao. “The region can now look forward to an enhanced transportation network as the Green Line is extended to serve tens of thousands of area residents daily.”

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A few pretty great commercials for public transportation

Watch these gems.

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Green Line

Progress on Green Line Phase 2: Mystic Valley Parkway station

MassDOT recently updated the community on the possible extension of the Green Line from College Ave to Mystic Valley Parkway (Route 16). Specifically, they walked everyone through a Notice of Project Change (NPC), which describes potential environmental impacts. View the slides to see this additional project’s scope and information on noise and vibration, land use, transportation, and more.

Some points to consider:

  • The U-Haul building at this location does not need to be acquired (saving millions of dollars and also minimizing the environmental and neighborhood impacts of demolition) in order for a station to be added at Route 16. The MBTA can work with the building owner to repurpose the building for a higher and better use (housing, office, retail) that would complement the Green Line station. (See the great station plan from the Medford Green Line Neighborhood Alliance.)

  • Included in the scope of the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) should be the potential improvement to Mystic River water quality due to reduced auto trips/vehicle miles traveled, which translates into less tailpipe emission and fluid leaks falling to the streets and being carried into the river by stormwater. 

  • Since the GLX Phase I bid came in $239 million under budget and all budget inflation risk is supposed to be borne by the design-build contractor, the $157 million that last year was reprogrammed for GLX Phase I might be reprogrammed back to GLX Phase 2 (Route 16 Station) and the cities of Somerville and Cambridge might no longer be required to make their $50 million and $25 million contributions to GLX Phase 1.

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Green Line

Board approves Green Line builder

It’s official: Today the Fiscal and Management Control Board unanimously approved the recommendation to hire GLX Constructors to build the Green Line Extension! View the slides.

“Green Line extension contract officially approved” (Boston Globe)

“The award comes about two years after the board halted all progress on the project due to escalating costs that were projected to get as high as $3 billion. After the T made changes to the project’s station designs and the way the construction contract would be awarded, the agency now expects the total to costs $2.3 billion.”

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Green Line

Green Line builder selected – and the Community Path will be fully built!

Great news: GLX Constructors (a joint venture of several engineering and construction firms: website) submitted the winning $1.08 billion bid for the GLX design-build contract, coming in below the price limit and including all six of the “additive options”! That means the project will include: 

  • Platform canopies
  • Additional elevators at select stations
  • Public art
  • A Community Path ramp to Chester Ave (by the cross Street Bridge)
  • Construction of the Community Path “missing link” from Washington St to the North Point/Lechmere area!
  • Enhanced MBTA maintenance facility

Thanks to all who have continued to fight for the Green Line and full Community Path! See some slides from the presentation.

Next steps: The contract must be approved by theFiscal and Management Control Board and MassDOT board before it is official.

Mayor Joe Curtatone’s statement: “This is a huge victory for Somerville, the region, and the Commonwealth. While there are still final steps to be taken before the apparent low bidder is officially chosen, we have a commitment that the Green Line will come to Somerville, and with it the full construction of the Community Path extension that our community has fought long and hard for. I want to thank Governor Baker, MassDOT, and the Fiscal Management Control Board for this well executed and thoughtful procurement process that incorporated input from more than fifteen years of a painstaking community process. Finally, thank you to all of our community activists for decades of work and action to make this project a reality.”

“MBTA names winning bidder for Green Line extension project” (Boston Globe)

“‘We could not have asked for a better outcome,’ said John Dalton, the project manager overseeing the rail expansion….GLX Constructors was chosen from two finalists. It had the lower of the two bids, but price was not the only factor: The winner was chosen based on who offered the best value while staying under an agency-mandated limit of $1.3 billion. The agency used a scorecard to rate the quality of the bids.”

“GLX constructors picked for Green Line design-build contract” (Cambridge Chronicle)

“With today’s price opening and the identification of the apparent successful design-build proposer for the GLX, we are truly on our way to making the Green Line Extension a reality for the people of Cambridge, Somerville and Medford,” said MBTA General Manager Luis Ramirez. “The selection process was extensive and thorough, and we are pleased that the outcome is that the cost is under our Affordability Limit.”

“MBTA chooses Texas’ contractor’s $1B bid for Green Line Extension” (Boston Herald)

“Great Green Line News – Senator Pat Jehlen” (Somerville Times)

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Green Line

Join the Green Line construction working group

As part of a regional partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, and the Cities of Cambridge and Medford, the City of Somerville is seeking residents to serve on the Green Line Extension (GLX) Working Group. Major construction activities are expected to begin in early 2018, and the GLX Community Working Group will provide a collaborative forum for information exchange between the MBTA GLX Project Management Team and external stakeholders. The Working Group’s role will focus on community impacts from construction activities, and members will assist with planning and implementation of community meetings related to construction.

Each city will select one community representative per GLX station neighborhood, as well as two at-large members. Somerville has five GLX stations within its borders, and will therefore appoint five members in addition to the two at-large members for the Working Group. Representatives will be appointed for one-year, renewable terms.

Requirements & How to Apply:

The City of Somerville is seeking applicants with knowledge of or experience with GLX planning, community planning or advocacy, and/or construction management. Strong social networks in the neighborhood and multilingual capacity are important criteria for candidates. Interested individuals should submit a letter of intent by Friday, November 24, to, or by mail to Transportation & Infrastructure Division, Somerville City Hall, 93 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA 02143.

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Green Line

State Rep. Christine Barber on why the Green Line needs to go to Route 16

“Op-Ed: Build The Green Line Extension To Rt. 16” (Somerville Patch)

“The GLX stop at Route 16 not only brings public transportation access to a number of environmental justice communities, but would connect a greater region of car-centric suburbs to help provide an easy, accessible transit option for thousands of people in the Medford, Arlington, and Somerville area and beyond. This segment of the extension is, many transportation advocates would argue, one of the most beneficial to the Greater Boston area.”

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Green Line

Environmental review of Green Line Extension to Mystic Valley Parkway

The Green Line to College Ave is happening, but the original plan was to extend at least to Mystic Valley Parkway, and planning continues on that potential extension. The MBTA has now released a preliminary environmental document for this separate project. On October 17, 2017, the MBTA filed a Notice of Project Change (NPC) with the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA). 

There will be a public meeting on this work on Nov 20.

EEA will now accept public comments on this document. Comments should be addressed to:

Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA)
Attn: MEPA Office
EEA No. 13886
100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900
Boston MA  02114

Comments must be received by EEA no later than 5:00 PM on Tuesday, November 28.

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Green Line

Green Line public meeting notes

Thanks to Ken Krause for the following notes from Monday’s meeting at Somerville High School…


+ Program Manager John Dalton reported that the process of selecting a contractor to complete the design and construction of GLX Phase I was nearing completion. (Phase I would extend the Green Line from a relocated Lechmere Station to College Avenue in Medford, with a separate spur extending from Lechmere to Union Square in Somerville. Phase II would further extend the Medford leg of the extension to Route 16 on the Medford/Somerville border.)

+ Three joint ventures bid on the Phase I “design-build” contract, and two of the bids have been certified as being within the “affordability limit” of the remaining project budget of $1.319 billion (the total budget, including money already spent and for 24 new Green Line cars, is $2.289 billion).

+ It will not be known until the bids are opened publicly on November 17 whether any of them include any of the six “additive options” that were cut from the original project; bidders were asked to try to fit as many of these as possible into their proposals while remaining within the budget. The additive options, which must be added in this order of priority determined by the MBTA, are 1) Platform canopies at each station; 2) Additional elevators at select stations; 3) Public art; 4) Additional connection to the Community Path at Chester Street in Somerville; 5) Extension of the Community Path between East Somerville and Lechmere Stations. 6) Enhanced Green Line vehicle maintenance facility in Somerville.

+ The MBTA plans to announce the selected design-build contractor and issue a Notice to Proceed on December 11, 2017. “Right now,” Dalton said, “we have everything in place that we need to get this project off the ground by then end of this year.” The Green Line extension is anticipated to be in operation four years later, in December 2021.

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