Green Line

Over 400 people demand the Green Line at public meeting


Thanks to everyone for coming out tonight in support of the Green Line! We made it clear through our presence and comments that Somerville deserves a fully built Green Line Extension, including a Union Square branch and Community Path. Let’s keep the pressure on!


More photos below…






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  • David Gibbs

    I was told that the Armory’s capacity was 400, and that they had reached that number. Wow!

  • Joe Beckmann

    After 8 months of discussion as part of the LOCUS group, and two years with CAC, it’s not surprising that the MBTA ignored our suggestion of joint planning for a Union Square subway as a partnership with US2, the Library, Arts Council, Schools, entrepreneurs and others, to make the station itself – both at the train level and above – an “urban site” for riders to wait and read, pick up coffee for their ride to work, and food for dinner on the way home, using cookbooks and other materials both on paper and in electronic forms.

    It might be wise for the MBTA to work WITH the community rather than simply hire more consultants to talk to themselves.

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